Master Data Management: Simple method to set security in Master Data Services

Microsoft’s Master Data Services (MDS) security architecture allows for the flexible implementation of application, model, entity, attribute and member level security.

For a particular user/group, the easiest way to begin applying security is to first set the entire model to read-only. Then, the aspects of the model that are allowed to be changed, are set to ‘Update’.

For example:
A group of users is responsible for maintaining Unit Prices of products within MDS. Nightly processing provides the updates to the Product and Brand entities, except for the ‘Unit Price’ attribute.

Within the ‘User and Group Permissions’ area, select the user/group to be modified and choose ‘Models’.

MDS Security 1


Initially, set the ‘Products’ model to ‘Read-only’.

MDS Security 2


Then, unlock the ‘Unit Price’ attribute, by navigating to the Leaf Attribute and select ‘Update’.

MDS Security 3


The ‘Model Permission Summary’ defines the effective permissions for the user/group.

MDS Security 4


When, the relevant user logs in and opens the Product entity, attributes that are read-only appear in grey cells. Those in white can be updated, ie. Unit Price.

MDS Security 5


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