Scott Eabry

Principal Consultant

Scott Eabry, Principal Consultant at QMetrix

With exposure to many industries during his career, Scott drives organisational and business change by helping clients establish strong business cases to introduce solutions that drive significant returns. 

At QMetrix, Scott engages with key stakeholders to help them understand how QMetrix can help them solve the challenges they experience in fulfilling their key responsibilities. By focusing on the impact to key business drivers, Scott is in a unique position to objectively assess and recommend the appropriate solution to prospective customers.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Marketing) and is RG146 Financial Services compliant.

Core areas of expertise

Industry experience

Scott is an avid footy fan – yes another Magpie – loves sport, plays guitar (albeit badly) and relishes the opportunity to spend time with his family and friends over a cheeky beer or wine.

“Why is abbreviation such a long word?”
– Unsure

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Have a data or analytics challenge? Need to establish a business case for a technology solution? Talk to Scott and draw from his experience driving organisational and business change.

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