Master Data Management that is easy and affordable

Integrate your systems and get a single source of truth your business can trust.

Many organisations have data – but they are not able to truly use it. Often, the data is segregated in different systems, making it hard to pull together and make sense of.

This is really frustrating and it becomes hard for marketing, sales, operations, finance, IT and the C-suite to do anything with the data.

As digital transactions and data grow, businesses are recognising the need for data management systems and governance. A Master Data Management system can help you do exactly this.

With the right MDM solution you can:

  • Have a single consistent set of master and reference data used by all operating and analytical systems
  • Analyse data to produce meaningful actionable insights and gain a competitive advantage
  • Address data security, compliance and governance
  • Move from reactive to strategic data management
  • Empower business users to maintain their own master and reference data

Companies who have implemented MDM have seen:

  • 23% improvement in efficiency of managing data
  • 29% improvement in sales close rates
  • 46% greater improvement in customer lead acquisition

*Dun and Bradstreet 2016 The Relationship Data Imperative Whitepaper

MDM statistics: 80% od executives find multiple versions of the truth hinder decision making and 77% of companies believe they lost revenue because of inaccurate and incomplete data

Master Data Management solution

QMetrix works with the fastest growing Master Data Management company, Profisee.


Profisee is the fastest growing vendor in the Master Data Management market. It delivers high value results, is less complex and costly than many platforms, and offers a complete end-to-end solution to handle your key business data and important data management challenges.

Creating world class fan engagement

Cricket Australia needed to bring together disparate data and systems so they could know their customers and create world class fan engagement. With Profisee MDM, they:

∙ Merged 12 systems into 1 master system
∙ Had 27% uplift of marketable customers from day 1
∙ Are able to plan targeted national marketing campaigns

Some of our MDM clients

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Green Cricket Australia logo
Master Data Management | qmx_admin
Master Data Management | qmx_admin

Be the master of your data

It’s time to make that data work for your team and your customers. Integrate your systems and build a trusted foundation of data.

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