With Workday Adaptive Planning there is a better way to budget and plan

Workday Adaptive Planning is a leading cloud technology used by over 6,500 organisations globally. It enables the office of finance to do better budgeting, forecasting, reporting and planning, and improve organisational performance.

Are you bogged down by arduous and manual budgeting?

Does budgeting season always seem like a mad frenzy? As fellow finance professionals, we understand. To get the job done, it can be hard to get stakeholder collaboration and the process is often simplified or rushed. Then, there is the frustration of consolidating piles of spreadsheets – often with broken formulas.

So much time is spent on data collection, which can become outdated. It leads to a reactionary mindset and delays in key decision making. But this doesn’t have to be.

Move from spreadsheets to strategy

With Workday Adaptive Planning, your finance team can avoid time consuming reporting processes and data inaccuracies that typically plague Excel based reporting. You can take the lead in keeping key stakeholders abreast of financial performance in a collaborative, comprehensive and continuous way.

Created by an ex CFO for finance professionals, Workday Adaptive Planning is the world’s first business planning cloud. Easy, powerful and fast, it empowers you and your finance team to better manage your business and make smarter decisions.

2024 APJ Workday Adaptive Planning Partner of the Year Award
QMetrix is the 2024 APJ Workday Adaptive Planning Partner of the Year, and a Certified Platinum Solution Provider and Preferred Validated Partner of Workday Adaptive Planning
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Workday Adaptive Planning is recognised as a 2023 Gartner Customer's Choice for Planning Software

How QMetrix can help your business grow with Workday Adaptive Planning

QMetrix are a Workday Adaptive Planning (Adaptive Insights) Preferred Gold Partner.
Talk to us about pricing, see a personalised demo or undertake a proof of concept.
We provide end-to-end solutions from analysis to design and delivery.

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We understand your business objectives and share our finance knowledge so you can plan with insight and drive performance.

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Using best practice, we design and build your planning and reporting models, considering the scope and outcomes that deliver the greatest value for you.

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To ensure your finance team can manage the Adaptive Insights solution, we provide training and ongoing local support.

Workday Adaptive Planning Health Check service

If you already have a Workday Adaptive Planning instance: Does it perform slowly or have poor user uptake, models that are no longer fit-for-purpose, or limited reporting capability? Do you and your team lack knowledge on how to use the solution, and want to know what more can be done?

QMetrix provides a Workday Adaptive Planning Health Check service where we review your instance and propose steps to optimise your instance so it continues to deliver value for your organisation.

Explore Workday Adaptive Planning features –
Enabling corporate performance management
for the office of finance and beyond

Adaptive Insights has an Excel like interface which is intuitive

Budget, plan and forecast with an intuitive Excel-like web application

Workday Adaptive Planning / Adaptive Insights offers a leading cloud-based budgeting, forecasting and financial planning software for sales projection, cash flow projection and balance sheet forecasting.

The planning and forecasting engine enables powerful financial modelling with an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface. You can create scalable driver-based models such as revenue, expenses, capex, opex, payroll across budgets, forecast and long-range plans.

With its Excel-like interface and modelling capabilities, it is intuitive for finance professionals to use, while also having all the controls of an enterprise collaborative application.

Gain business intelligence – analyse easily with dashboards and reports

With this easy-to-use platform you can customise dashboards with data visualisations like dynamic charts and graphs, and provide management reporting.

  • Create customisable dashboards with drag and drop (no coding required)
  • Analyse on the fly with interactive drill down features
  • Slice and dice management and financial reports – split reports to cost centre owners in various formats
  • Visualise KPIs as well as access the underlying data
  • Centralise and share key metrics and visualisations
  • Create Board Pack reporting via an Excel, Word and PowerPoint add-on
  • Deploy and access across multiple devices
  • Trigger emails based on metrics

Empower stakeholders with dashboards and reports they can interact with and personalise, and give executives visibility on performance and results with speed and ease.

Screenshot of Adaptive Insights dashboard showing charts and graphs
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Publish the latest reports in Microsoft Office quickly

Create reports, board books and presentations with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Once you customise your reports, you can refresh your latest figures – be it actuals, budgets or forecasts – with just the click of a button.

It significantly speeds up the month end close and reporting process as all the trusted data, facts and figures are updated when you change to a new month.

This leaves the finance team to simply focus on the value-add commentary and variance discussion.

Seamlessly integrate with multiple data sources

Workday Adaptive Planning / Adaptive Insights integrates seamlessly with standard and custom data sources, in the cloud and on-premises.

These include ERPs, CRMs, GL, proprietary and data warehouse sources like SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Workday.

When data flows automatically between systems, you save on manually pulling and importing sheets. You also won’t need IT to manage your data.

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Screenshot showing financial consolidation in Adaptive Insights software: You can view the total and break it down by countries and teams

Accelerate financial consolidation in an easy-to-deploy cloud service

Reporting for multi-entity organisations with complex structures is already a time consuming and tough enough job, so imagine trying work that same logic into your budgets, forecast and what-if analysis.

Workday Adaptive Planning / Adaptive Insights assists organisations with multiple entities in handling intercompany transactions and eliminations. It does automatic consolidation of each contributor’s budgets, then rolls up and summarises based on defined structures.

It considers the intricacies involved with your actuals, budgets and forecasts. This includes when:

  • The percentage interest in one or more entities changes up or down, or from controlling to non-controlling etc
  • Reclassifying accounts when consolidating the subsidiary’s GL to the parent’s GL
  • There are changes to elimination and allocation rules
  • Exchange rates must be considered for multinationals
  • Adding new entities through takeovers and mergers

With Workday Adaptive Planning / Adaptive Insights you can look forward to a streamlined, collaborative, transparent, accurate and speedier financial close.

Everybody plans

With holistic, company-wide planning, you can involve everyone and get a comprehensive, interconnected model for the entire organisation. 

Finance orchestrates that process and can drive strategic planning that adds value.

Workday Adaptive Planning enables the office of finance to do this more efficiently and effectively.

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Watch how it works

See how Workday Adaptive Planning / Adaptive Insights puts planning, forecasting, analytics, financial consolidation and reporting at your fingertips. Watch the video.

See Workday Adaptive Planning in action

Why Workday Adaptive Planning?

With Workday Adaptive Planning (Adaptive Insights), you can spend less time on spreadsheets and more time on strategy.
  • Scalable
  • Comprehensive online help, knowledge based and e-learning training portal
  • Anytime, anywhere access on the web and mobile – stakeholders have better visibility into business performance
  • Get 100% consistent, integrated and timely data – for faster, accurate, more agile decision making
  • #1 in Customer Experience, rated by Forrester
  • 4.8 rating on Gartner by customers in 2023

Making the 18-month rolling forecast a reality

The South Australian Cricket Association ran an annual budget on a spreadsheet-based model. There were issues with version control, efficiency and integrity. Learn how they:

∙ Improved user collaboration on a cloud-based system
∙ Use one platform for reporting, variance analysis and planning
∙ Plan forward with an 18-month rolling forecast

Frequently Asked Questions

Workday Adaptive Planning is a cloud based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software platform which provides budgeting and forecasting, and reporting and data visualisation services to help organisations improve their performance.

The toolset is incredibly intuitive and is designed for business users and finance teams alike to visualise performance, plan effectively and monitor results. Want to see how it works? View Workday Adaptive Planning demos here.

Workday Adaptive Planning was formerly known as Adaptive Insights. It was acquired by Workday in 2018 and is part of the Workday suite which offers cloud-based applications for finance, HR and planning. 

Workday Adaptive Planning / Adaptive Insights has a proven track record of driving efficient and effective planning and reporting solutions across a wide array of industries and business sizes worldwide.

It has been designed to be owned, managed and maintained by everyday business users, and is recognised industry-wide for the most intuitive user experience for administrators, power users and end users. Your finance team will be equipped to own and run the system without need for constant external consultant assistance or specialist programming knowledge.

See how Workday Adaptive Planning works for your specific industry – from manufacturing to government, retail, not-for-profit, healthcare and more.

When you choose to partner with QMetrix, we first understand your business’ needs so we can recommend the right solution for you. We’re also happy to provide a free proof of concept to help you ensure you make the right investment decision.

As experienced finance qualified consultants (CA/CPA), we understand the pains of going through manual budgeting and forecasting cycles using Excel spreadsheets and producing month-end reports and board packs.

QMetrix is a Platinum Solution Provider and Preferred Validated Partner of Workday Adaptive Planning (formerly known as Adaptive Insights). We will ensure the Adaptive suite is optimised to drive the most value for your organisation.

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We take time to understand your critical business drivers and design models using our best practice implementation methodology. We don’t just take your existing spreadsheets and replicate them, instead we partner with you and share our experiences, industry knowledge and challenge your thinking to enhance your planning models.

We also ensure the finance team can maintain and manage the Adaptive Insights models going forward in line with business changes. If you need any help after implementation, we are only a phone call away.

Read our Capabilities Statement to learn about our team, experience, methodology and how clients are supported throughout the process.


Workday Adaptive Planning is licensed annually based on the number of users and overall size of company (based on employee count). This makes it very affordable for smaller enterprises (up to 100 employees) and can be easily scaled up or down to suit the changing needs of the business.

As a cloud solution there is no hidden infrastructure or internal costs to worry about.

Transitioning to more efficient, effective and manageable finance-based processes is fundamental to good business, and whilst there is an initial upfront investment, the Return on Investment (ROI) is commonly less than 12 months. ROI is often demonstrated through substantial time savings across the business, more accurate and frequent planning cycles, and ultimately better and timelier decision making.

Implementation time can vary, but can be completed in as little as 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the planning and reporting requirements. At QMetrix we will always provide a detailed scope and design document, along with a quoted fixed cost before undertaking any Workday Adaptive Planning / Adaptive Insights implementation.

QMetrix – partnering with the office of finance to implement Workday Adaptive Planning

Why choose Workday Adaptive Planning, and why choose QMetrix as your implementation partner? Our team of experienced consultants have worked with dozens of clients over the years to deliver successful outcomes, and many have recommended us through word-of-mouth.

We have a proven methodology, deep expertise and strong partnership with Workday. Our clients receive dedicated support throughout the whole process from design to delivery. Learn more about these factors for success in our Capabilities Statement. 

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Some of our Workday Adaptive Planning clients

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It’s time to budget and plan in a way that is easy, powerful and fast

Let’s move from spreadsheets to strategy.  

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