Tomorrow starts now – integrate Adaptive Insights with Dynamics

For Dynamics users, the clock is ticking. Adaptive Insights is here to help you bridge the gap while making planning and reporting easy, powerful, and fast.

You’ve already heard the news: Microsoft is pulling the plug on further development of Management Reporter and Forecaster. For Dynamics users, this is a massive concern. Without development, these tools won’t receive further upgrades or enhancements, dooming both to obsolescence.

Then again, you might not notice much of a difference. That’s because Management Reporter and Forecaster are both infamous for being a struggle to use. Take your pick of problems: they’re not native to the cloud, they’re not collaborative, they’re difficult to use, they’re difficult to update, they’re slow to generate reports, they lack the power to handle complex tasks, they’re too rigid, and so on.

As a Dynamics user yourself, you now face a difficult choice. Keep struggling along as the programs fall behind, or upgrade to the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. While an upgrade is probably already in your long-term plans, the time, expense and complications of a migration are not something to undertake lightly.

Fortunately, there’s a way to solve your Dynamics planning and reporting issues today while positioning yourself for a migration down the road. Adaptive Insight’s suite of financial planning and reporting software serves both on premise Dynamics GP, AX, and NAV in addition to Dynamics 365, allowing you to bridge the gap between your struggles today and your needs tomorrow.

Built specifically for the cloud, Adaptive Insights is the only corporate performance management solution to enable active planning–that’s planning that is collaborative, comprehensive and continuous. With intuitive software, automated data collection, real-time dashboards, and a robust self-service reporting and analytics platform, their tools can help you better understand where your business is at, why things are happening, and what you should do next.

Active planning requires technology that’s easy, powerful, and fast. Adaptive Insights is the only solution accomplish all three:

  • Easy to plan as a team: Adaptive Insights makes collaboration among teams part of your everyday planning and forecasting. In addition, Adaptive Insights is ranked #1 in usability by Gartner, Forrester, Blue Hill, Nucleus Research, and BPM Group
  • Powerful enough to model anything and analyze everything: Adaptive Insights is the only vendor with integrated planning and analytics, allowing Dynamics users to perform a broad range of analysis for an even deeper understanding
  • Fast for modelling and adapting quickly: Adaptive Insights is top-ranked by Gartner and Forrester in time-to-value and modeling usability, enabling Dynamics users to adapt plans quickly, spend more time on the “why” behind the numbers, and engage in continuous planning

Tomorrow starts now – integrate Adaptive Insights with Dynamics | Brett Ruwoldt

More than 400 customers have already integrated Adaptive Insights with Dynamics to drive their business forward. From small business to mid-size to small enterprise, Adaptive Insights can provide the platform, experience, expertise and scale needed to meet your specific industry or region requirements.

To learn more about integrating Adaptive Insights with your Dynamics GP, AX or NAV ERP, contact us today.

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