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Profisee: The MDM Solution

Organisations are great at capturing data – but what happens over time as they evolve and merge? The data often gets convoluted or spread over multiple systems.

Master Data Management is about bringing all that data together, and empowering your business with one source of ‘truth’ that you can rely on.

How accurate is your knowledge of your customers, products, suppliers and employees?

How many active customers do you have? Which products drive the best profit margin? These seem like simple questions. But they can be frustratingly hard to answer when you don’t have confidence in your data or a way to manage how these numbers are represented.

Knowledge lost is business lost – and knowledge is lost when data is not reliable.

With Profisee, mastering your data can be simpler than you think. It provides the foundation which enables your organisation to achieve comprehensive representations of your valuable master data assets.

With that you can hyper-personalise marketing campaigns, connect the data dots to help you really understand your business, and maximise your data for better business performance.

Master all your data with the leading enterprise data management technology

As a Master Data Management technology, Profisee software helps companies of all sizes build a trusted foundation of data. Taking a domain agnostic approach, this software enables you to bring the best components together from each source and create a single, most authoritative and truthful representation of any business reference information asset.

Profisee is the fastest growing Master Data Management software and #1 Time-to-Value MDM in the market.

Profisee | qmx_admin
Profisee | qmx_admin
QMetrix is Profisee’s first Field Certified Partner

How QMetrix can help your business grow with Profisee

End-to-end solutions from analysis to design and delivery.

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We get to know your data challenges and share our expertise to help you build a trusted foundation of data.

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We design and integrate the solution within your environment, using best practice methodology to master your data.

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To ensure your team can manage the platform going forward, we provide training and support is just a phone call away.

Is your organisation aligned to Microsoft technology?

Profisee natively integrates with Azure to align and combine data from any source, and master it so it is usable, trusted and can be leveraged to fulfil business purposes. Learn why Microsoft recommends Profisee as its partner Master Data Management solution.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Profisee has a worldwide reputation for expertise and competence with Microsoft Master Data Services. QMetrix is a Microsoft Solutions Partner in Data & AI.

Manage and master your data with Profisee MDM

Stewardship and governance

Empower your data stewards with a powerful web or windows based data steward platform. Create powerful analytics that help to measure data quality or to track progress or a workflow, and create accountability among data stewards.

Profisee | qmx_admin
Profisee | qmx_admin

Rapid development environment

Develop data models, configure data quality rules, set up the process to identify similar records between source systems and generate a single concise version based on the best bits from each system.

With Profisee, you can even build data steward web portal applications without the need to write any code.

Powerful Golden Record Management engine

Profisee’s powerful and flexible Golden Record Management engine enables organisations to rapidly bring together master data records residing in various source systems. It then identifies similarities across data sets within the same data set and links them together as a Golden Record.

Taking the best or most trusted attributes from each source system, a Golden Record can be leveraged via other systems or even updated back in the originating source system, helping to ensure that once it is clean, it stays clean.

Optionally leverage third party data quality services to enhance the matching process, further standardise your data or even enhance your location based attributes with accurate geographical coordinates that can be used within visualisations.

Bring together data from various sources and produce a golden record: Chart showing integration of data to form one golden record
Profisee | qmx_admin

Comprehensive security

Security within Profisee is both comprehensive and highly configurable. It enables administrators to provide different user roles with access to the application or master data that is relevant to them.

Release management integration

Deployment capabilities within Profisee enable organisations to integrate their Master Data Management deployments to their existing release management processes, leverage source control facilities and migrate changes using automated scripts or via the interactive user interface.

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Profisee out-of-the-box integration: Imagery of puzzle pieces being put together easily

Out-of-the-box integration

Profisee Integrator provides simple user interface to set up two-way integrations with source systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP, Google Maps, Microsoft Azure, Dun & Bradstreet, and other SQL Server databases.

Use it to load data overnight, or as the data changes within the source or Profisee.

Turnkey industry best practice models

Using its experience with customers and professional bodies, Profisee delivers industry specific data models for master and reference data.

This means you can leverage industry standards as a base, then tailor them to your unique business. It accelerates implementation and gives faster Time-to-Value – Profisee is the #1 TTV platform.

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Profisee improves the data stewardship process through workflows: Imagery showing how workflows can be assigned to data stewards

Data steward workflows

Improve the data stewardship process by using workflows to assign tasks to other contributors. Notify the accounting team to provide costs and pricing to a new product, the marketing team to provide the GS1 details and even engage sales with the analytics classifications.

Monitor where a workflow is at in the process, all in real time. Profisee works in conjunction with real-time eventing to ensure that as your data changes via data integrations, workflows or messages, appropriate data steward actions are initiated.

Customised application integration

Enable your line of business application to interact with your master data within Profisee in real time via the Software Development Kit (SDK).

Applications can leverage the single source of truth data, perform updates and data quality verifications all instantaneously.

Profisee allows easy integration with other applications: Imagery showing two cogs interacting with each other

See how Profisee works

See how Profisee is powering digital transformation. Watch the video.

Want a personalised tour of Profisee?

Why Profisee?

Profisee is the fastest growing vendor in the Master Data Management market by ten times (recognised by Gartner). It delivers high value results, is less complex and costly than many platforms, and offers a complete end-to-end solution to handle your key business data and important data management challenges.

  • #1 fastest growing Master Data Management platform
  • #1 Time-to-Value
  • #1 in Total Cost of Ownership – unlimited users, records, domains and data sources
  • Get a single source of truth – a complete view of customers, vendors, products, employees and more
  • Complete view and strategic relationship management with customers and vendors
  • Out-of-the-box and highly customisable – connect with systems including CRM and ERPs
  • Deploy on-premise, cloud or hybrid
  • Single code base platform – provides enterprise configurability without coding
  • Access to training on-demand and the Profisee Academy

Profisee has been positioned as a Challenger in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions by Gartner

According to the Gartner report, key features contributing to Profisee’s growing uptake include its ease of use, cost effectiveness and rapid deployment at a consumable price point. They offer a starter solution – Essentials – which can be upgraded to an enterprise solution.

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Profisee for your team

How do you master 48 million records?

A business the size and breadth of Australia Post requires large and sophisticated systems. Learn how they solved the issue of discrepancies and disparate data, and:

∙ Went from 48m source records to 19m high quality records
∙ Facilitated a more comprehensive analytics capability
∙ Enabled consistent customer experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Profisee is one of the leading and fastest growing Master Data Management technologies available today. It enables organisations to build a trusted foundation of data and brings together every domain, source, user and record to deliver a single source of truth. It maximises the worth of an organisation’s data and ultimately improves the strategic value that it can provide.

MDM is a young but rapidly maturing technology area. To help you understand this area and move forward, here are 9 practical steps to getting started with MDM.

Profisee has delivered successful outcomes across many industries, including organisations such as Domino’s, Australia Post, EY, Cricket Australia and Department of Education (NSW). It is easy to deploy and scalable.

When you approach QMetrix, we first seek to understand your organisation’s needs so we can establish if the Profisee technology is right for you. We are also happy to provide a free demonstration or initial proof of concept to help you ensure you make the right investment decision. 

QMetrix is a preferred Value-Added Reseller and implementation partner of the Profisee platform in the Australian market. We are also Profisee’s first Field Certified Partner globally, with Gold status.

QMetrix has the largest and most experienced team available to implement Profisee MDM and has deployed Profisee solutions for organisations such as Australia Post, AMP, Baker’s Delight, City of Sydney, Cricket Australia, Origin Energy, and Springvale Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.

We take time to understand your critical data quality challenges and design solutions using our best practice implementation methodology. We also ensure your team can maintain and manage the platform going forward in line with business changes. If you need any support after implementation, we are only a phone call away.

Learn more about our process and what QMetrix clients can expect.

Profisee licencing is adaptable to your requirements with the option of perpetual or annual subscriptions. You can purchase capabilities to suit today’s requirements, then upgrade to add on extra capabilities or capacities needed for future initiatives.

Whether you choose to deploy on your own infrastructure or cloud infrastructure, QMetrix can help you navigate the options and capabilities that are appropriate for your organisation’s immediate and long term initiatives.

The Profisee platform supports either traditional or rapid development styles. With Profisee’s rapid prototyping interface, you can build from a detailed requirements specification or workshop a design on the go.

The QMetrix team will work alongside your team to share knowledge throughout the process and seamlessly integrate the solution within your environment. We can do as much of the design and integration work as you need or as your budget provides.

Our preferred approach is frequent delivery (eg, quarterly releases) that is aligned with prioritised business outcomes. In our experience and according to best practice, this promotes greater adoption and drives future initiatives.

Profisee MDM resources

Some of our MDM clients

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Connect anything and master everything

It’s time to untie your hands and make the data work for your business.

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