Accelerate your business with frevvo – 100% automated workflow management

Build forms and transform manual processes into automated, streamlined workflows.

When your everyday operations are based on paper and email, how will you compete in the digital age?

You find a form, fill it out, email it to a manager who prints and signs it. You then follow-up, correct errors and enter the data into various systems manually. You also must consider exceptions, business rules and conditions which can change the process. 

Indeed, processes can be complex, and the more manual they are, the slower and more error-prone they are. 

Automate everyday processes and accelerate your business

With frevvo, you can automate all of that. Requests such as employee leave, new suppliers and travel expenses can be digitised with all necessary validations, business rules and workflows, without worrying about data handling errors and missing steps.

As an intuitive, visual tool requiring no coding knowledge, anyone in your team can leverage existing templates, build forms and manage workflows in frevvo. Whether it is improving back-office efficiency and accuracy, or delivering better service to customers and suppliers, it will accelerate your business and enhance performance.

QMetrix is a Frevvo reseller and solutions provider

How QMetrix can help your business grow with frevvo

End-to-end solutions from analysis to design and delivery.

Frevvo | QMetrix


We get to know your organisation and advise on process automation that will drive efficiency and ease for your staff, customers and suppliers.

Frevvo | QMetrix


Using best practise, we connect frevvo with your underlying data and systems, build UX-friendly forms and automate workflow management for your business’ needs.

If you simply need some guidance, QMetrix can support and mentor internal resources to drive outcomes and ensure successful deployments.

Frevvo | QMetrix


To ensure your team can build on and manage the system, we provide training and ongoing local support.

Automated business process management

Frevvo | QMetrix

Build forms with zero code

Easily design forms with zero coding knowledge. frevvo provides templates you can use out of the box or modify to suit your business needs.

The dynamic form builder uses an intuitive drag-and-drop system with no programming experience needed. They are completely customisable, including options to:

  • Change labels
  • Adjust widths
  • Show or hide sections
  • Perform calculations
  • Include collapsible sections
  • Add tables
  • Request e-signatures
  • Set up dynamic validation
  • Customise styling to match your brand

By digitising forms, you will be increasing efficiency, ensuring clear processes, keeping data more secure – plus helping the environment.

Automate processes with workflow management

Don’t miss a step. Once your form is built, automate a workflow to manage it and share with the right people. As part of workflows you can incorporate notifications, reminders and escalations.

Just drag and drop each step of the process into the visual workflow, and you can even set up dynamic behaviour and route workflows conditionally.

Frevvo | QMetrix
Frevvo | QMetrix

Seamlessly integrate with business systems

Your data sits within systems – and so should your forms and workflows. Seamlessly integrate your data with business systems, databases, applications and cloud services using APIs. These include SQL databases, Google Apps and SharePoint.

With such integration, your forms can be pre-filled, saving time and repeated effort.

Analyse and optimise workflows

frevvo has built-in reports to track and analyse your processes.

This identifies bottlenecks and suggests ways to increase productivity so you can continuously improve, making the experience more pleasant for your customers, suppliers and internal teams.

Frevvo | QMetrix
With Frevvo you can generate PDFs automatically

Create dynamic PDFs from online forms

From new employee forms to purchase orders, frevvo makes it easy to generate dynamic PDFs. Just create the form, add dynamic behaviour including conditional fields and digital signatures, then drag-and-drop the map form fields to your PDF.

This removes inefficient manual processes, reduces error and speeds up workflows.

Look good anywhere, anytime

Whether on the computer, tablet or mobile – it’s no problem. frevvo’s forms are responsive and will adjust to look good on any screen size.

You get 24/7 access to whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Frevvo | QMetrix

How does frevvo work?

Watch the video to see how you can use frevvo to build forms and automate day-to-day workflows.

Get a personalised tour of frevvo

Why frevvo?

Transform your business with powerful Business Process Management (BPM) software
  • Easy point-and-click, drag-and-drop forms
  • Automated workflow management
  • No programming knowledge needed
  • Options for in the cloud or on-premise
  • Seamless integration with business systems
  • Secure access to forms and data
  • Built-in analytics for visibility into processes
  • Low start-up cost
  • Scalable: Manage anything from 5 forms to 5000 forms with unlimited users
  • 24/7 access anywhere anytime

Hitting a winning score with workflow automation

Australian Cricket needed to upgrade their clunky forms tool to one that could deliver greater business efficiency. With frevvo, they:

∙ Automated business processes
∙ Halved the turnaround for processes
∙ Optimised workflows through tracking and reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

frevvo is workflow management software. It replaces manual paper-based forms and complex routing with 100% workflow automation. It helps you track and manage the processes in your business, and upgrade business efficiency.

Its features include document generation, business integration, e-signatures and secure authentication.

While there are several workflow management solutions in the market, we personally evaluated many of them and found frevvo to have the most optimal combination of functionality and price – as well as being straightforward and easy to use.

Since no coding knowledge is required, it eliminates the need for additional specialist IT resources and your existing team can work with it.

frevvo is used across the world in a diverse range of industries and business units including human resources, finance, education and more.

When you approach QMetrix, we first take time to understand your organisation’s needs and are able to provide a demonstration or free proof of concept to help you ensure you make the right investment decision.

QMetrix is a frevvo reseller and solutions provider with the most experienced team available in Australia to implement frevvo. We have deployed the solution for organisations such as Cricket Australia.

It’s not just about the software. QMetrix takes time to understand your business process challenges and designs solutions using best practice. We also ensure your team can manage the platform going forward in line with business changes. If you need support after implementation, we are only a phone call away.

Learn more about our process and what QMetrix clients can expect.

frevvo has a low price point. Cost depends on whether your business prefers cloud or on-premise and is impacted by factors such as number of workflows, forms and users.

Importantly, frevvo can be scaled up as the business continues to identify value in undertaking further digitisation and workflow projects. Therefore, it is cost effective for small and large deployments alike.

Implementation time varies, but tangible value can be delivered in as little as 3 weeks. Key factors that influence the time include the complexity and number of the forms and workflows needed.

At QMetrix, our consultants will work with you to identify the scope and what can be achieved within your timeframe and budget. We always undertake a scoping workshop before providing a detailed requirements document, along with an itemised quote before starting any implementation.

Accelerate your business with workflow management

Transform complex, manual processes into 100% automated, streamlined workflows with frevvo

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