Unearth deep insights with IBM Cognos Analytics, powered by Artificial Intelligence

Put the power of deep data exploration in the hands of every business user. QMetrix Cognos Analytics Consultants can show you how.

How QMetrix can help your business

At QMetrix we no longer take on new IBM Cognos Analytics projects. While Cognos remains a powerful technology in the business intelligence and analytics space, our focus is now on other areas. Our expert Cognos consultants remain with us and continue to deliver value-add to our existing clients who want to leverage technology to understand their business to drive performance.  

Here are areas we can help you with:

Corporate budgeting, forecasting and planning doesn’t have to be difficult and full of inefficient Excel sheets and processes. Our team can help deliver a powerful yet flexible planning solution to enable your finance team to focus on more value-adding activities for the business.  

Go from spreadsheets to strategy. Find out about QMetrix’s Corporate Performance Management solutions.

Lost in a sea of data that just keeps growing? It’s a common problem. But this can be solved with Master Data Management.

Instead of wasting valuable time and resources manually extracting and reconciling data, use MDM to consolidate data from multiple systems to achieve a single view of customer, supplier, product, employee, asset and more. With MDM, get data you can trust and data you can actually use. 

Connect everything and build a trusted source of truth. Find out about QMetrix’s Master Data Management solutions.

Looking for a Business Intelligence and Analytics solution?

Business Intelligence is an imperative if you want your organisation to grow. With BI you can detect patterns and relationships within your corporate data and empower your teams with self-service analytics, compelling visualisations and dashboards and more.

Uncover hidden insights with a Certified IBM Cognos Consultant

Our team of Cognos consultants will easily expose insights, simplify and streamline processes, create and share analyses, and reduce time on data preparation through automation and built-in intelligence. On one integrated platform you can work with all types of data to drive better decisions for the business.

Business intelligence and analytics

Use the right analytics tool to analyse
and share your unique business’ data

Prepare your data

Easily and quickly load data files and combine sources to prepare your data with IBM Cognos Analytics.

It is powerfully enhanced with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language dialogue capabilities so business users can uncover details about their data and understand what is happening in everyday language.

IBM Cognos Analytics | qmx_admin
Screenshot of how to analyse data in IBM Cognos Analytics

Analyse your data

Our Cognos specialists will uncover hard-to-find answers by identifying interesting insights in your data using pattern detection.

It reveals relationships – even if you don’t know what you are looking for – so you can highlight drivers and identify areas for change.

You can also perform what-if analysis on your data and understand the impact of decisions. Based on the data and your past behaviour, the system will recommend the best visualisations such as charts and graphs for easy analysis.

Share your data

Present information in interactive dashboards and pixel perfect reporting that you can share across the company. As an interactive platform, users can explore the data themselves to derive insights.

With enhanced formatting and customisation options you have ultimate flexibility and control. The guided layout makes it easy for anyone to use and create template-based reports.

Deployments can be cloud based or on-premise and shared across all devices. Users can also schedule reports or enable report subscriptions, therefore reducing emails and enabling self-service.

IBM Cognos Analytics | qmx_admin

When less is more: From 17,000 to 2,000 reports

GPC needed a new reporting solution. They also wanted to move away from extracting data from one tool and reporting in Excel. With Cognos Analytics, they:

∙ De-duplicated, streamlined and enriched reports
∙ Delivered reporting automation and efficiency
∙ Have a self-serve tool for 650+ users

See how it works

See what IBM Cognos Analytics can do and how it works. Watch the video.

Play Video

Why IBM Cognos Analytics?

You can unearth, explore and share insights to drive better business decisions.

  • Use the AI assistant to ask questions about your data and receive easy-to-understand responses in natural language
  • Leverage the intuitive interface to build dashboards, visualisations and data models
  • Integrate offline data sets with corporate data sets in minutes to enhance specific analytical needs within your department
  • Use storytelling through quick animated presentations (like PowerPoint on steroids)
  • Use one interface for visual data exploration, self-service and operational reporting
  • Single, enterprise-wide business representation of corporate data allows end users to access data autonomously using common business terms
  • Cost-effective cloud or on-premise deployments with access on any device through a web browser

Brown Brothers needed to upgrade their business intelligence and analytics functionality

As they reached the limitations of their system, QMetrix devised an upgrade that was easier to support, provided immediate ROI, and laid the ground to take their capability forward through:

∙ Reporting and analysis tailored for each user’s needs
∙ Advanced data modelling capabilities
∙ Simplified business environment which reduces risk

Frequently Asked Questions

IBM Cognos Analytics is a Business Intelligence and Analytics platform where you can integrate your data, analyse it and use it to drive better decisions for the business.

With Cognos Analytics you can report, analyse, scorecard and monitor business metrics through IBM’s automation and built-in intelligence capabilities.

Cognos has been a market leading Business Intelligence and Analytics platform for 25 years and has an outstanding track record of delivering great outcomes across an array of industries and business sizes.

It has a very competitive price point and with Cognos Analytics now integrating AI and stunning visualisations along with its excellent operational and corporate reporting capability, it may be hard to justify considering alternatives.

We can help you determine if IBM Cognos Analytics is a good choice based on your current and likely future needs, or whether an alternative technology may be better suited.

When you approach QMetrix, we first understand your business’ needs so we can recommend the right solution for you. We are also happy to provide a free proof of concept to help you ensure you make the right investment decision. 

IBM Cognos Analytics has different licencing price points depending on on-premise or cloud deployments, but is essentially based on the number of users accessing the platform. This makes it very affordable for smaller companies and can be easily scaled to suit the changing needs of the business.

Implementation time can vary, but tangible value can be delivered in as little as 3 weeks. There are two key factors that influence the time required – the complexity of the analytical and reporting requirement, and the quality and accessibility of the underlying source data.

At QMetrix, our team of Cognos Analytics consultants will always undertake one or more scoping workshops before providing a detailed requirements document, along with a quoted fixed cost before commencing any implementation.

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