What is Master Data? Why bother and how to get started

What is Master Data? Why bother and where do you start?

On a basic level, imagine if a customer had their address updated in one application but not another – all orders, bills, marketing emails and parcels could be sent to the wrong address – without you even knowing it. Now multiply that by thousands, and across other key data entities like Suppliers, Employees and Assets.

When data is used by multiple applications, an error in the data in one place can cause errors in all the applications that use it.

That’s where Master Data comes in. We have put together an eBook to help you get started:

  • What is Master Data – and why bother?
  • Deciding what Master Data to manage
  • How do you create and maintain a Master List?
  • About Versioning and Auditing
  • About Hierarchy Management

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