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Master Data Management project
QMetrix News

QMetrix wins contract with City of Sydney

QMetrix has secured a contract with the City of Sydney to provide a Customer Master Record Solution and Data Management Platform for the Unified Customer View Project.

Services provided by the government such as transport like train rides
Master Data Management

Data and analytics for Australia’s public sector

At the heart of every government body is the service it provides to its constituents. How can Australia’s public sector uncover data and leverage insights to drive service impact where it matters?


Data and Analytics Summit VIC 2020

How can you use data strategically to gain a competitive advantage? Join us at the Data and Analytics Summit VIC 2020 as we explore data governance, quality, usability and more.

Photos from Public Sector Data and Analytics Roadshow in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra

Public Sector Data and Analytics Roadshow 2020

How are government agencies integrating insights and analytics, what challenges have they faced and what results have they seen? Hear from them in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

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