Case Study: Designing intuitive Power BI dashboards that give meaning to data

From cleaning to catering, hospitality and aircraft refuelling – these services are provided to Australia’s Department of Defence by Broadspectrum.

Broadspectrum used to provide reports on Excel spreadsheets, showing a ton of data but no interpretation. They wanted to change this to an online solution which would demonstrate value to their client and create a vision for future reporting. 

To do this, Broadspectrum needed a partner who could understand their client’s multi-faceted organisation, implement Power BI to best practice, and present the data in a meaningful way.

QMetrix worked with Broadspectrum so they are now able to deliver meaningful analytics on intuitive dashboards that have impressed their clients and brought value add. 

Melissa Trute, Contract Data Services Manager at Broadspectrum says, 

“We have Power BI capability, but QMetrix broadened our horizon of what a good Power BI dashboard can and should do. We learnt a lot of best practice principles from them, and they showed us how dashboards can be designed to be truly meaningful, useful and impactful.”

Power BI case study

Consulting solution: Business Intelligence consulting
Technology solution:
Microsoft Power BI

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