Data Managment: Cognos Data Manager (v10.1): Problems with Pivot implementation

Data Manager now has an interesting feature in the Data Stream component of a Fact build into which you have configured PIVOT functionality – when you try to edit the Data Stream you get the dreaded ‘NULL Pointer value’ error.  Traditionally this has sent Data Manager experts directly to the Quit button as it usually indicated something catastrophic was about to happen so get out while you still can (if you can).  NOW THIS IS NOT the action you should take.

Instead, you click the OK button for as many times as you have pivot columns in the data stream item (e.g. if you have pivoted a set of months columns then you probably have to click OK 12 times).  You will eventually be in the editor for the Data Stream component but now all your pivots have been deleted.

You should exit and save at this point otherwise you may continue to get the null pointer errors.  You can then re-enter the Data Stream component and edit it to your hearts content.  Once you have made your changes you need to re-introduce your pivot configurations and then OK and Save – you will now have a working Pivoting Data Stream again.

Hopefully this is fixed in a later release but for those that are unable to update at this time I hope this note does at least let you realise that all is not lost and Data Manager can still function, just the developer’s life has been made a little harder.

Update: This bug has been resolved in v10.2

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