TM1: Web Sheet display format issue in TM1 Contributor / Planner

When porting an Excel spread sheet into TM1 Contributor/ Planner, the format of string and number will display differently from in the Excel.  This is due to the string measurement algorithm that TM1 uses when it converts an Excel spreadsheet into web format.  Within the web.config file look for the following section.

The StringMeasurement parameter is set to 3 by default.  Changing it to 0 (legacy mode) may help a bit but may not completely resolve the issue.  Regardless of which mode is chosen, the column width needs to be adjusted in order to get an expected display format.

Here are the comparisons between the new mode (‘3’) and legacy mode (‘0’) in Contributor / Planner for a string and number:

Normal display within Excel

Web Display 1


New Mode (mode 3)

Web Display 2


Legacy Mode (mode 0)

Web Display 3

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